The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has prompted significant changes to the workplace.

Such a radical shift would normally follow months, if not years of planning but, in March 2020, employers were forced to adapt almost overnight. Since then, employers have needed to continue to adapt in order to keep pace with the introduction of new legislation and ever evolving government guidance. 

As we follow the government’s roadmap out of lockdown,  there is now an expectation that the ‘new normal’ will look rather different.  The changes which employers have been forced to make during the last twelve months are taking on a degree of permanence and, in the case of many organisations, the pandemic has simply accelerated changes which were already underway.

With every challenge there comes an opportunity, and this may be the case for organisations who wish to look forward and develop innovative strategies for an agile workforce and embed working practices which ensure the safety, good health, productivity and engagement of their people.


Is your team ready to transform?

Is your team ready to transform?

Arguably, there hasn’t been a better time to look at how well teams can perform under pressure; COVID19, months of lockdown, hundreds of virtual Teams meetings, embracing new technologies…the list goes on. But what predictions and conclusions can we make by examining what a team looks like in terms of Facet5?

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