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Talking to… Richard

Hi Richard, you’re next in this series of meeting the FEPshop people, please introduce yourself!
Hey guys, my name is Richard and I’m in customer support.

What do you do at the FEPshop headquarters on a day-to-day basis?
I provide support to all our customers in need of any help, be it technical support or help choosing the right product.

What form of transportation do you use to get to the office? Bike. How did your relationship with FEPshop start?
I applied and they gave me the job 🙂

Why do you like working for FEPshop?
Apart from having a weak spot for growing start-up companies, I like the team and the effort that gets put in by everybody.

What was your first introduction to 3D printing like?
To be honest, I was not familiar with the subject. But thanks to our technician and colleagues I became a lot more experienced with the fascinating world of 3D printing.

What do you find fascinating about 3D technology?
The thing which fascinates me most is how fast the technology is developing. I’m very curious where the application of 3D printing in our daily life will be 5 years from now.

If you had €1000 to spare, which 3D printer would you buy, or which add-on or consumable?
Hmm, tough question, but I would go for the Sonic Mini 8K. The specs are crazy as the highest resolution consumer printer out there at the moment. With the remaining money I would buy some resin. These to be more specific: Phrozen Resin – Nylon Like – Green, Phrozen Resin Rock – Black and Phrozen SC-801 Clear.

If you could print any object in the world, what would you print for yourself?
I would like to print a vinyl record!

What do you expect will happen in 3D printing in the next 5 years?
I’m not sure if this will happen in the next 5 years, but I hope there will be one-stop shops where machine parts can be printed directly on the spot, and the application of arm or leg cast printing in the medical field.

If you’re not in the office, or at home, where would we find you?
If I’m not at work I’m either at the gym or the rehearsal space making music with friends.