International Investment Services brings together a team of experts that help international businesses to expand into new global markets.

With experience of helping hundreds of businesses to expand internationally and an extensive network of international contacts, we specialise in managing the risk that comes with inward investment projects and international expansion.

How International Investment Services helps its clients

We help organisations invest in overseas markets by identifying four key things: the right location, the right people, the right funding and the right infrastructure.

We’ll advise you on the right country for your expansion, right down to the specific location within a territory. We can help you set up the right corporate and governance structures and the right bank accounts to access funding.

We can assist with personnel matters too, assessing candidates for senior management roles and providing interim non-executive director support.

We’re also able to manage all aspects of immigration regulations. Furthermore, we’re able to connect with government trade and investment promotion agencies, ensuring you can hit the ground running in the right international locations with the right people, processes and property in place.

We offer one-off project support
Specifically designed to identify and assess potential international locations to establish operations in new offshore markets – without disrupting your core business. We provide you with the results in two business days, providing: 

  • a comparison of locations for cost, taxes, access to talent, profitability, and infrastructure;
  • information on registering your business;
  • required tax and accounts reporting;
  • bank account (AML) and compliance (this can take 12 weeks).

Pricing for one-off project support starts from £500 and is charged on time used. VAT is only chargeable to UK and EU clients. (All government facilitation services are charged on a cost-recovery basis and are agreed up-front).

Where do International investment Services operate

We’ve helped UK businesses expand overseas, and foreign businesses to enter the UK market. In recent years, we’ve extended our reach and can advise on international expansion projects in an increased number of territories, including:

  •  Asia Pacific: Japan, India, China, Australia, Singapore and across South East Asia
  •  Europe: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Portugal and Turkey
  •  Latin America: Brazil, Chile and Argentina
  •  North America: USA, Canada and Mexico

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